Luxury Dog Accessories Stores in Barcelona For You and Your Dog

Yorkshire terrier wearing luxury dog accessories in Barcelona

Are you looking for luxury dog accessories in Barcelona? Do you want to indulge your pup with fashionable clothes, collars and jewellery? 

Let’s be honest, nowadays there’s a lot of high-end accessories we can get for our dogs: collars, leashes, bow ties, bandanas – you name it! And it’s totally fine to indulge them. They are our fur babies and they have the right to be spoiled by us! 🙂

In this article, I have put together a list of local business that offer the best high-end products for both, you and your dog!

1. Cyriano

Luxury dog bags and other accesories​

This boutique located amongst other high-end brand stores in the district of San Gervasi, offers only luxury dog accessories. The range of products will satisfy any fashionable dog owner, as it varies from high-quality dog collars and leashes to designer dog bowls and beds that are as comfortable as they are elegant. However, what is especially worth mentioning are their beautiful dog carrier bags that go beyond a standard bag for your pet. Classy, stylish and made from the finest materials, they will make a gorgeous accessory not only for your dog, but also for you.

Address: Carrer de Bori i Fontestà, 11, 08021 Barcelona

Luxury dog accesories in Barcelona - Cyriano

2. Marc Petite

Designer dog collars

Next on the list is another luxury dog accessories brand specialized in designer dog collars. Even though they also offer bow ties, dresses and even dog perfumes, dog collars are their highlight. They vary from simple designes to very extravagant ones using high-end materials and Swarovsky crystal. Once you see them, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of them! It looks like Marc Petite doesn’t have a physical store in Barcelona, but you can see all the products on their website.

Luxury dog accesories in Barcelona - Marc Petit

3. Barcelona Dogs Designer Collars

Designer collars & matching jewellery

Klea Levin, the designer behind Barcelona Dogs Designer Collars, creates accessories out of this world. Her signature pieces are limited edition haute couture collars decorated with Swarovsky and Preciosa crystals. But you will also find luxury collars made especially for greyhounds or  special collars created with active dogs in mind. My favourites, though, are matching sets for you and your dog (who doesn’t like a nice matching set!). Klea creates matching bracelets that will perfectly suit your dog’s collar. Just how cool is that?

Address: Carrer de Lleó XIII, 15, 08022 Barcelona

Luxury dog accesories in Barcelona - Barcelona Dogs

4. MyDogBcn

All luxury dog accessories you’ll ever need

MyDogBcn is a company born out of need to give your dog a product that he deserves. You’ll find here all the accessories your dog will ever need and even some that you didn’t know existed! My favourites are the dog car seat that lets your pup relax during a car trip, as well as the sleeping bag which looks like a perfect solution for the colder days.

Luxury dog accesories in Barcelona - My Dog BCN

5. Caninetto

Tailoring for pets

If you didn’t find the dream dog accessories in all the stores above, maybe it’s time to visit Caninetto and order a costum-made clothes for your pup? Yes, you read correctly. There is a dog taylor in the center of Barcelona where you can ask for a jacket designed especially for your dog. Beside the custom-made clothing, you can find there raincoats, greyhound collars, as well as my personal favourite, the wedding attire for dogs.

Address: Carrer de Viladomat, 57, 08015 Barcelona

Luxury dog accesories in Barcelona - Caninetto
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